The following is a chronology of COMPMNGR developments in version 3.

06-19-2023[v3.222] Added error trap in combined event multidance setup
05-24-2023[v3.221] Fixed bug in top teacher awards for separate lady and gentlemen when a lady teacher dances as a gentleman.
10-16-2022[v3.221] Fixed bug in judge's marking form..
09-30-2022[v3.220] Minor changes in format of studio package cover and invigilator form.
09-04-2022[v3.220] Fixed minor bugs in single person entries and studio package covers.
04-05-2022[v3.220] Fixed a bug in editing single person youth dance entries
01-18-2022[v3.220] Fixed a bug in awards points calculations, yet another bug related to the addition of mixed type entries.
11-24-2021[v3.219] Changed web hosting service and modified COMPMNGR accordingly.
08-14-2021[v3.318] Added a feature for discounting the price of dance entries made before an 'earlybird' cutoff date.
06-26-2021[v3.218] Added some features related to emailing invoices and other reports.
05-11-2021[v3.217] Fixed a bug in awards points calculations, yet another bug related to the addition of mixed type entries.
05-05-2021[v3.217] Added new entry count report, made minor improvements in integrity test/repair, minor bug fix.
03-03-2021[v3.217] Made improvements in COMPMNGR's SMTP logic for emailing invoices directly so a MAPI compatible email program is not required.
01-25-2021[v3.216] Fixed bug in browser based maeking form button (labeled "Click here to return to judges sign-in page")
12-06-2020[v3.216] Fixed bug in top studio points calculation for amateur couple in mixed type dance category.
08-18-2020[v3.215] Structural improvements in browser based judge's marking system.
03-08-2020[v3.214] Fixed bug in proficiency marking for multi-dance.
02-27-2020[v3.214] Fixed more bugs in dance entry form. Added integrity test/repair features.
02-25-2020[v3.214] Fixed bugs in dance entry form drop down name lists for mixed type entries.
02-11-2020[v3.214] Fixed bug in coach specification in dance entry form for amateurs.
02-01-2020[v3.214] Fixed bug in invoicing youth in mixed type dance category.
01-22-2020[v3.214] Fixed bugs in adding new entries and added leader's name first or amateur's name first option for displaying dance entries for pro/am mixed types.
01-20-2020[v3.214] Fixed bug in top studio awards for mixed type entries.
01-18-2020[v3.214] Fixed bug in results for single person events.
01-13-2020[v3.214] Made major changes in display of mixed type entries in program. Fixed bugs in several forms and reports for mixed type entries.
01-12-2020[v3.213] Fixed a couple of bugs in the mixed type logic.
01-07-2020[v3.213] Added dance category option for mixed types to allow pro leader/amateur follower to compete against amateur leader/pro follower.
12-01-2019[v3.212] Added separate font format for judge's alternate marking forms to allow larger print.
11=30-2019[v3.211] Added integrity test/repair feature for invalid combine codes in dance levels and ages.
11-21-2019[v3.211] Added workaround for those who have a problem with COMPMNGR's online license agreement.
11-16-2019[v3.211] Fixed print preview bug in original format of judge's alternate marking form.
11-09-2019[v3.211] Made improvements in integrity test/repair feature.
11-05-2019[v3.211] Added option to halve awards points for discounted dance entries.
11-01-2019[v3.211] Fixed bug in heats for studios report.
10-31-2019[v3.211] Fixed bug in trophy reports.
10-30-2019[v3.211] Added integrity test/repair feature for very rare form of database problem.
10-27-2019[v3.211] Fixed bug in combined events (Blackpool type multi-dance) placement calculation.
10-26-2019[v3.211] Enabled combined events (Blackpool type multi-dance) placement calculation.
10-25-2019[v3.211] Fixed bug in heat numbering for mixed type solos.
10-23-2019[v3.211] Added logic to repair some slightly screwed up dance entry records on loading them from file to memory.
10-22-2019[v3.211] Several minor bug fixes in the new mixed type logic. Improved format of heats for studios report.
10-21-2019[v3.211] Fixed bug in automatic selection of studio in dance entryform.
10-20-2019[v3.211] Added more features to facilite same-sex events and implement NDCA heating rules.
09-02-2019[v3.210] Made modification to compensate for a change in the way the 1&1 web hosting sevice (hosts requires accessing CGI scripts.
08-18-2019[v3.210] Added features to facilite same-sex events.
07-28-2019[v3.209] Added feature to allow user to put a custom footnote at the end of all invoices.
07-12-2019[v3.209] Added capability of using NDCA roster files in Excel's XLSX and CSV formats.
06-17-2019[v3.207] Repaired some tab setting problems. Added option for alternative format for judge's marking form for solos.
05-25-2019[v3.207] Added feature to allow printing and/or emailing a receipt by clicking a button in the dialog box for recording payments.
05-08-2019[v3.207] Fixed bug in assigning a manís number to a non-competitor being selected in an dance entry form and so becoming a competitor and requiring a number.
05-06-2019[v3.207] Added feature to allow COMPMNGR user to discontinue online registration. Prior to this the web master had to do it.
05-02-2019[v3.207] Fixed bug in using on-screen program menu item to change a dance entry level from a skating system entry to a proficiency marked entry.
03-16-2019[v3.207] Fixed bugs in using Alt-F9 marking to edit previously marked heats. Modified formats of heats for studio and scorsheet integrity test.
01-30-2019[v3.206] Fixed bug in printing program; wasn't inserting page break before session headers. Updated format of NDCA post competition report.
01-29-2019[v3.206] Added features to help organizers with new NDCA requirement that all competition entrants be registered with the NDCA.
12-06-2018[v3.205] Fixed bug in original format of alternate judges' marking form. Added report on duplicate SS numbers and membership numbers to report on duplicate perons' names.
11-04-2018[v3.205] Made minor improvements and fixed minor bug in integrity/tests/repair and typical reset for new competition.
10-14-2018[v3.204] Fixed bug in dance volume discount logic.
09-30-2018[v3.204] Added feature to scrutineer's alternate data entry dialog for a selected block of heats. The feature allows the user to print the MC format report for the selected block immediately after exting the dialog.
08-22-2018[v3.204] Added features to aid vendor in providing technical support to less computer literate customers.
08-02-2018[v3.203] Fixed data dependent bug that could cause crash when database is being loaded.
06-15-2018[v3.203] Fixed bug in selecting database via dropdown menu in password dialog box.
06-13-2018[v3.202] Fixed bug in making database copy with sensitive information removed.
05-09-2018[v3.202] Modified format of directory names on our server. Before directory names were the same as root file names. Now the are root file names with organizer name appeneded (e.g. RootName[Organizer name])
04-12-2018[v3.202] Added report on which users entered which data items (dance entries, financial transactions) into database.
03-03-2018[v3.201] Took another hack at the new format of deck captain and alternate marking forms to fix some problems.
02-17-2018[v3.201] Modified format of deck captain and alternate marking forms to accurately reflect current round and number of entrants. Fixed bug in printing recalled entrants for posting.
02-07-2018[v3.200] Fixed bugs in printing (printer selection dialog sometimes skipped), alternate marking forms (not correct for subsequent rounds and incorrect round number in heat headers), and alternate scrutineer marking (incorrect 'Number to recall from X' in number-to-recall dialog box).
01-26-2018[v3.200] Added new top teacher bonus point award based on early payment by teacher's studio.
12-29-2017[v3.200] Added meal preferences report. Fixed bug in priceedit control of purchase dialog box
12-02-2017[v3.200] Added feature to automatically reset tab stops in on-screen program so no tab stop is overrun. Added feature to simplify downloading latest version of COMPMNGR.
10-27-2017[v3.199] Made changes required to access after hosting service changed FTP access name.
07-29-2017[v3.198] Modified backup file name to include user ID (e.g.RootFile_User.zpa). Modified some report formats. Added some keyboard shortcuts. Added option to run integrity tests from on-screen program.
05-06-2017[v3.197] Added new scrutineering data entry method to correspond to the alternate judges marking format and allow entry of marks for multiple heats in one dialog box. Added batch print feature to print deck captain, marking forms, music man report, etc. with one button click.
02-02-2017[v3.196] Added scrutineering feature to allow more convenient entry of placements/scores for multiple small competitions in a heat.
01-15-2017[v3.195] Improved the pre-merge report on differences in setups between the databases being merged. Added a dance volume discount feature and some minor reports (e.g. a dance count for the music man).
08-09-2016[v3.194] Fixed data dependent bug in studio invoice occurring when studio overpaid.
07-27-2016[v3.194] Added feature to provide studio discount based on number of dance entries.
07-24-2016[v3.194] Added feature to allow COMPMNGR to automatically detect new or modified online registrations even when minimized. Added some minor reports at request of customers.
05-30-2016[v3.193] Fixed bug in trophy report for Blackpool type multi-dances and data dependent bug in FTP logic. Added automatic duplicate resolution logic to save user time in importing online registration files.
03-25-2016[v3.193] Required for use with registration files issued after 03/24/2016.
12-03-2015[v3.192] Fixed bug that could cause crash in merging heats and other operations. Fixed costume conflict report to operate over overlapping sessions. Added new reports.
09-19-2015[v3.191] Added option to disable selecting more than one level and age in dance entry dialog box. Option available only in setting up new competition, when there are no dance entries.
05-30-2015[v3.190] Fixed heating bug that could occur when proficiency and skating system events combined in heat. Made retaining judge panel line an option when reheating.
05-06-2015[v3.190] Added feature to create and upload to server selected web pages and supporting file and to do so in timed background mode so user is not interrupted. Improved handling of 'byes' and scratches during preliminary rounds. Added new invigilator penalty by disallowing entry to top teacher points.
04-02-2015[v3.189] Modified dance entry dialog box to allow selecting more than one level and age.
03-04-2015[v3.188] Fixed bug that occured when the number to be recalled in a preliminary round was increased. Changed entry count for 'Blackpool type' multi-dances to one entry. Improved format for deck captain report.
01-17-2015[v3.188] Added report on prize money awarded and report required by NDCA for sanctioned competitions. Fixed bug in attendance statistics report.
09-27-2014[v3.187] Added features to simplify creating and posting the most frequently updated web pages during the competition.
07-08-2014[v3.186] Added feature allowing registered users to download registration files from DouglassAssociates server as alternative to saving attached file from email.
02-25-2014[v3.185] Major improvements in judges' marking device (tablet computers and smartphones) system based on Internet data transfer.
02-11-2014[v3.185] Major improvements in handling single person events. Added opt out option for persons not wanting results posted on web site. Added details to several reports.
11-26-2013[v3.184] Added feature for changing judge panels between rounds of multi-round heat. Added report on violation of rules for number of times a student can compete in same level of dance.
09-15-2013[v3.183] Fixed highly data dependent and rarely occurring bugs in merge logic.
09-02-2013[v3.182] Added features to support barcoded tickets and passes.
07-17-2013[v3.181] Improved handling of exempt entries (entrants not required to dance in preliminary round). Improved judges' alternate marking forms so each judge only gets forms for his/her ballroom. Fixed bug in heat duraation calculation when there are multiple ballrooms.
07-15-2013[v3.181] Modified judges' alternate marking form to put different ballrooms on different page (e.g. Ballrooms A and B are not mixed on page)
05-29-2013[v3.181] Added optional features for importing online registration files and for 'typical reset' for new competition. Added explanatory annotations to some reports.
10-10-2012[v3.180] Added main menu item for restoring from backups on web page host server.
09-25-2012[v3.180] Added feature to calculate average of proficiency marks. Fixed bug in selecting ZPA file to restore from USB drive.
08-13-2012[v3.180] Fixed bugs in award points calculation for 'Blackpool' type multi-dances.
07-22-2012[v3.180] Added an optional feature for volume discounts on packages and an optional feature for awarding points for proficiency entries mixed with contested entries.
06-06-2012[v3.179] Fixed bug in heat header (didn't show dance level) when number of rounds in multi-round heat chaged by user.
06-03-2011[v3.179] Fixed bug in bill-to-person invoicing feature for dances.
03-15-2012[v3.179] Fixed bug in invigilator penalty logic when there are tied entrants.
02-24-2012[v3.178] Added three features: an option to include/exclude a teacher's amateur couples in his/her heat list, and option to divide teacher's award points for amateur couples by two, and a new report on heats which violate the NDCA's rule allowing ten couples on a floor.
01-26-2012[v3.178] Minor cleanup in code
09-17-2011[v3.177] Fixed data dependent bug in scrutineering function.
08-26-2011[v3.176] Fixed data dependent bug in top teacher/student/studio award calculation using 'loop' on level/age feature.
06-06-2011[v3.176] Added top teacher/student/studio feature for including a wider variety of dance categories in same award category when key words are used. Fixed bug in name of attached 'rgc' file when emailing database from within COMPMNGR. Other minor bug fixes.
05-14-2011[v3.175] Added roster feature to update database. Improved report on attending studios. Fixed bug in missing membership number report.
04-14-2011[v3.174] Fixed bug in format of results printed for MC
04-10-2011[v3.174] Added features related to using membership rosters to complete dance entry forms and make mail labels. Fixed bug in invigilating multi-dances.
03-12-2011[v3.173] Added feature to export placement for major heats to text file for newsletters. Fixed bug in setup for online registration.
01-28-2011[v3.172] Added feature to print invigilator forms. Minor bug fixes.
11-30-2010[v3.171] Fixed bug in combined event award when entrants have 'bye' in the first round. Added more tests to scoresheet integrity tests.
09-21-2010[v3.171] Improvements in network operation for shared database and ProgramView. Additional error trapping for rarely encountered problem in dance category sequencing. Cosmetic improvement im menus.
06-19-2010[v3.170] Fixed combined event award bug occurring when more than two entrants go into Rule 11.
06-18-2010[v3.169] New features: Backup to and restore or merge from an Internet server computer. Export person/studio data in a format suitable for importing into spreadsheet. Allow multiple email addresses for studios and persons.
06-15-2010[v3.169] Fixed some minor bugs in the studio package report.
06-12-2010[v3.169] Modified logic for estimating heat durations. Fixed bug causing durations to change in an unexpected way.
05-31-2010[v3.169] Fixed bug in scrutineering.
04-08-2010[v3.168] Complete re-write of heating option to keep couples on floor in sequential one-dances. Added two reports to aid in manual heating.
03-20-2010[v3.167] Fixed bug in handling package dance credits. Fixed bug in resetting heat times.
02-25-2010[v3.166] Added a judges' marking device feature to work with Internet enabled smartphones. Added a new web page, the complete competition program.
12-31-2009[v3.165] Fixed bug in backup to large USB drive. Modified emailed invoices by adding HTML format option and improving RTF format. Recipient can choose which format to view.
10-04-2009[v3.164] Added "entry point only" feature for uncontested entries in awards categories. Attempted to make some error trap messages clearer.
06-20-2009[v3.163] Fixed bug in adding purchases when switching from person data entry box to studio data entry box and bug when person is switched from non-qualifying package to qualifying package.
06-04-2009[v3.162] Added feature for subdividing a heat into flights and printing forms for MC and judges marking sheets.
04-25-2009[v3.162] Added heating option to re-mix heats to eliminate single entrant heats. Added studio name to awards reports ans solo marking sheets.
03-17-2009[v3.161] Major upgrades to ProgramView and ProgranViewCE, so the can be used as judge's marking devices. Minor changes in some COMPMNGR report formats.
01-24-2009[v3.160] Added report features related to on-line registration, so you can have attendees register on-line then enter their information manually into COMPMNGR.
01-12-2009,v3.160] Added new web page creation feature for scoresheets, lookup by person is faster and easier to use than lookup by dance category.
01-07-2009[v3.160] Added feature to simplify setting up and marking Blackpool type multi-dances. Minor bug fixes.
12-20-2008[v3.159] Minor improvements to several reporting functions as requested by users.
10-13-2008[v3.158] Major additions to COMPMNGR/ProgramView feature set. Added menu access for printing combined event awards. Minor bug fixes.
08-06-2008[v3.156] Major improvement in 'Search for components' feature plus assorted minir mods
06-13-2008[v3.156] Assorted minor mods, like adding "partial" heat list (from session X to end of comp) and reporting on PLC files
03-25-2008[v3.155] Fixed bug in mail label logic.
03-10-2008[v3.155] Improved heating options for keeping couples on floor and not mixing student/student with pro/am
03-01-2008[v3.154] Added heating option to control whether student/student couples are combined with pro/am couples in heats.
02-21-2008[v3.154] Fixed bugs in attendee report and credit card count. Added credit card report.
02-10-2008[v3.154] Added extra organizer specified password, different from main COMPMNGR password, for accessing credit card information.
02-05-2008[v3.153] In on-line registration import added error trap for multiple registrants using same studio name but different emails.
01-10-2008[v3.153] Minor improvements in on-line registration and mail labels. Minor bug fixes and error traps.
12-01-2007[v3.152] Minor bug fixes.
11-05-2007[v3.151] Added feature to allow user to specify numbers of entrants in preliminary rounds (sei-final, etc.)
11-03-2007[v3.150] Made patch to work around the underlining bug in Vista and allow underlining in deck captain print mode.
10-26-2007[v3.150] Major modifications to mailing list and label functions.
10-03-2007[v3.150] Posted Vista compatible version. Added feature to help users create COMPMNGR compatible dance entry forms. Added some diagnostic/repair tools for scrutineers.
03-24-2007[v3.145] Fixed bug in testing to see if scoresheet exists for a round. Would recall scoresheet for wrong round.
03-12-2007[v3.144] Attempted to improve user friendliness of web page creation, on-line registration, and membership roster importation features
03-06-2007[v3.143] Added capability of recording address and other contact information for persons as well as studios.
03-04-2007[v3.142] Improved features for using NDCA and other membership roster information. Improved features for recovering judge's marks from handheld marker after crash.
02-02-2007[v3.141] Improved error reporting and repair for duplicate competition codes to exclude combined competitions (e.g. override COMPMNGR to have men vs ladies in single dance). Add report on combined competitions.
01-29-2007[v3.141] Fixed data dependent bug in merge from scrutineer.
01-27-2007[v3.140] Added optins for emailed invoice
01-02-2007[v3.139] Fixed bugs in scrutineering rules 7 and 11 that popped up in rare circumstances of multiple ties. Fixed bug in copy/paste/add dance categories.
11-28-2006[v3.138] Made modification to speed up merge operation.
11-21-2006[v3.138] Added judgeID line to bottom of alternative marking forms.
11-20-2006[v3.138] Improvement in merge from scrutineer to registrar. New heats put where scrutineer put them in program.
10-08-2006[v3.137] Improvements in HandheldMarker and its COMPMNGR interface, table of contents dialog in the on-screen program, judge panel assignment feature, on-line registration file import feature, studio package cover feature, add/delete session feature. Added competitor report.
09-21-2006[v3.136] Made a number of minor changes in networking features.
09-01-2006[v3.135] Fixed bug causing delay in timed backup.
08-15-2006[v3.134] Improvements in networking functions.
07-20-2006[v3.133] Added feature to allow one or more scrutineer's databases to be merged into registrar's database, then the registrar's database to be copied back to the scrutineers's computers, over a network all in one step. Also added a new format of judge's marking sheet.
06-02-2006[v3.132] Added feature to display heat times calculated at time program was finalized and feature to allow scrutineer to print checks for awards. Removed two way merge option.
05-11-2006[v3.131] Added keyboard short cuts in studio list and person list. Pressing 'F' puts hightlight bar on first name all in one case (upper or lower). Pressing 'C' converts name to mixed case.
05-07-2006[v3.131] Added 'Missing files' report to integrity tests. Improved 'View/print/email invoices' for on-line registration import. Put 'Wasted space' report in integrity tests.
04-29-2006[v3.131] Modifications to improve user interface for on-line registration
04-12-2006[v3.130] Many minor modifications, mostly relating to judge's handheld markers and on-line registration
02-09-2006[v3.129] Added support for RoomsAndTickets program to allow importing ballroom layouts and exporting seat assignments.
12-01-2005[v3.128] Fixed bug in combined event (e.g. 10-dance) awards.
11-12-2005[v3.128] Added support for remote program view devices for MC and deck captain. Added feature for calculating credits and exporting to another competition.
11-02-2005[v3.127] Added automatic mode for supporting handheld judge's marking devices and remote scrutineering over local area network.
10-31-2005[v3.127] Added support for remote scrutineering over local area/wireless network.
10-18-2005[v3.126] Fixed rarely encountered bug in combined event scoring.
10-17-2005[v3.126] Add support for handheld judge's marking devices.
08-27-2005[v3.125] Added studio heat summary feature (like program but only showing heats with entries for specified studio). Fixed bug: 08-23 fix caused blank lines between age groups in heat to not be printed.
08-23-2005[v3.124] Fixed bug; program schedule marker lines marked as non-printing were printed anyway.
08-20-2005[v3.124] Fixed bug; dance category option for not allowing adults and youths in same heat didn't work.
08-10-2005[v3.124] Added credit card option to on-line registration. Changed main page button to allow direct access to on-line registration data.
07-31-2005[v3.123] Improved heating logic to improve distribution of competitions among heats and keep couples on the floor when they have several single dances in the same dance category.
07-27-2005[v3.122] Complete re-write of on-line registration logic to allow registrants to review and revise their entries.
07-16-2005[v3.121] Fixed bug in calculating awards with bonus points in absence in placements. Added minor features in on-line registration.
05-15-2005[v3.120] Modify naming convention for 'efo' files to incorporate dbc file root name. Improve ability to modify previously entered data in on-line registration, for example correcting the 'ype of person' selection.
04-24-2005[v3.120] Add web page for schedule with heat summary. Add capability for sub menu in main page menu bar. Improve some page formats.
03-28-2005[v3.119] Fixed a bug in heatlist some other pages; when a dance had several partners heats for only one partner showed up. Also, added ballroom to heat list.
03-24-2005[v3.119] More error traps in on-line registration (e.g. to prevent entering an adult in a youth age category).
03-23-2005[v3.119] Fixed bug in merge.
03-22-2005[v3.119] Major refinements in on-line registration.
03-17-2005[v3.118] Split web style box into page style baox and index bar style box.
03-15-2005[v3.118] Added option for new heat location (in addition to 'put at front of program' option). Fixed bug in search for heat combinations feature.
03-14-2005[v3.118] Completed upgrades to on-line registration support, so attendees can specify roommates and enter room requests and some additional information.
03-13-2005[v3.117] Modification to merge scrutineer write-ins into the same heat as the scrutineer put them instead of a new heat at the beginning of the program
03-10-2005[v3.117] Modification to speed up maximum heating compression when there are several ballrooms with many small competitions.
03-10-2005[v3.117] Fixed bugs, one causing crash when heat has three ballrooms and the middle one is empty, one causing list of lady professionals not to show in program preface.
03-08-2005[v3.117] Added support for on-line registration. Improved display of placements/results web pages.
02-28-2005[v3.116] Fixed bug in missing ticket logic of studio package cover feature. Added missing ticket report and added a 'totals' line to placement count report.
02-20-2005[v3.116] Fixed bug which could cause crash when selecting scoresheets to view/print for person.
02-07-2005[v3.115] Fixed bug in default rule for no package increment. Improved format for awards (top teacher, etc.) web page.
01-25-2005[v3.114] Added several minor features for web page creation, including ability to incorporate another graphics frame.
01-18-2005[v3.113] Made a number of very minor improvements in web page creation features and entry forms import
11-18-2004[v3.112] Made heating feature of attempting to keep several dances in the same category (e.g. W/T/FT/VW in American Smooth) consecutive into an option. Before this it was not optional.
10-28-2004[v3.111a] Fixed bug in modified logic to keep sequence in consecutive order so logic is only applied to single dances in the same session.
10-25-2004[v3.111] Fixed bug that allowed a competition sequence (e.g. Waltz, Tango, VW, FT, QS) to switch between floors. Modified logic to keep sequence in consecutive order.
10-10-2004[v3.110] Fixed bug in report on combinable heats (was reporting some invalid combinations). Fixed backup for database files shared on network.
10-08-2004[v3.109] Made modification which MAY have fixed disappearing menu bar in on-screen program after a lot of moves. (For you techies, the problem was apparently in Microsoft's MFC implementation of CMenu. I replaced the MFC code with straight SDK code.)
09-25-2004[v3.108] Improved COMPMNGR's handling of duplicate studio names on importing data from the EntryForms program. Team matches and formations now show the age category, if any, in the program.
Bugs fixed: The team name of team match entries was deleted on reheat. The team name of the first team entered in a team match appeared in the heat name. Error testing found duplicates in single person events when there weren't really any duplicates.
Modified the EntryForms program to allow multiple independent teachers operating from same studio to share program and still get separate invoices.
09-18-2004[v3.107] Improved handling of ties in showdance marks.
09-05-2004[v3.106] Improved format for paper entry forms web pages.
08-08-2004[v3.105] Added web pages for printing paper entry forms. Modified logic so as to store web page files in subdirectory of COMPMNGR directory.
07-29-2004[v3.104] Completely reworked showdance scoring to make consistent with WDDSC rules.
07-18-2004[v3.103] Added feature to optionally disable error beep when scrutineer enters invalid number. Fixed bug in purging studios when studio has no entries or purchases but has a student with entries charged to a different studio.
07-01-2004[v3.102] Fixed bug in custom web page creation logic.
05-26-2004[v3.101] Added web page creation for top teacher/student/studio awards. Added several of error traps to handle rarely occurring situations.
05-02-2004[v3.100] Added several major features to the web site creation option. You can now build fairly complex web pages without having to use a separate program or learning Hypertext Markup Language. You can then upload the pages to your web host server without having to use a separate FTP program.
04-17-2004[v3.099] Added feature to create simple but complete, multiple page, web site with user selectable style features.
04-08-2004[v3.098] Added registrar's aid feature to assist in locating a person's entries in the program view. Fixed bug which prevented deleting an unused dance, level, or age from within a dance category.
03-05-2004[v3.097] Fixed some bugs in and improved the logic for importing EntryForms files. Improved tools for reconstructing corrupted database files.
02-24-2004[v3.096] Made cosmetic changes to improve user interface.
02-22-2004[v3.095] Fixed bug occurring when some dance entries were done with a COMPMNGR version prior to 3.090 and some with a later version. Bug could cause data loss in operations (e.g. scrutineering) on earlier entries.
02-18-2004[v3.094] Fixed bug in automatic repair of competition codes when there was a scratch in a competition being repaired. Added feature for alphabetic seating list. Improved feature for viewing/repairing database file structure.
02-16-2004[v3.093] Fixed bug in changing levels in entry form when a portion of the entries were done with an earlier version of COMPMNGR and others with a later version. Fixed bug in making diskette set to copy a complete COMPMNGR setup between computers (didn't copy SetupV3.exe file). Major improvements in handing corrupted databases.
01-28-2004[v3.092] Add option for a user to "lock out" other users so he/she can leave COMPMNGR running while away from computer. Fixed bug in generating program RTF file when option to not show subsequent rounds is selected.
01-22-2004[v3.091] Fixed bug in heat labeling; under certain circumstances the word 'Heat' did not precede the number. Fixed invoice so that solo dance entry listings always contain the word 'Solo'.
01-18-2004[v3.090] Allow specifying coach for formation, team match, and show the caoch in the program. Add a feature to allow changing dates of transactions (e.g. change date of purchase of dance entries to a date before award points cutoff). Modify 'Combine heats' function to allow user to select insert location without reheating. Added heat format feature to 'clean up' one heat by inserting missing level headers and blank lines between competitions, but without changing the allocation of competitions among ballrooms.
01-05-2004[v3.089] Modified results report to show elimination round as well as final results. Fixed bug in F2 (Find text) in multiple select list box.
11-12-2003[v3.088] Modified file backup compression to use standard ZIP method instead of previous non-standard method and changed naming system of backup files from pk* to zp*. Changed default extension for registration files from *.reg to *.rgc. Added bonus point feature to top studio award.
11-03-2003[v3.087] Made structural modifications to improve file sharing. Added integrity test/repair for duplicate competition code and made modifications to speed up some integrity tests. Added feature to provide default (next unmarked round) in round selection dialog to speed scrutineer's selection for multi-round events. Fixed scrutineering data entry problem occurring when duplicate number entered and not corrected immediately. Added feature to export selected scoresheets in RTF (right text format) files.
10-01-2003[v3.086] Added option to switch users without closing and reopening database. Fixed bug in user name display.
09-22-2003[v3.085] Modifications in EntryForms program.
09-17-2003[v3.084] Modifications in text file import. Added integrity test/repair item for invalid program line code.
09-11-2003[v3.084] Fixed bug (created in v3.083) in moving heats in on-screen program. Added feature to display "Table of Contents" dialog to help quickly locate events in on-screen program. Added feature to copy and paste text lines.
09-10-2003[v3.084] Fixed bug (created in v3.083) in moving heats in on-screen program.
09-10-2003[v3.083] Fixed bug in heat combination report and bug in scrutineering box when cell contents are deleted.
09-09-2003[v3.082] Completely rewrote networking logic. Added web page creation feature.
08-11-2003[v3.081A] Fixed bug in editing financial records (purchases, payments). Date of editing record was not properly recorded which could screw up merge.
07-04-2003[v3.081] Modified format of invoices for emailing from straight text to RTF. Added logic to prevent crash when merging two databases with different dance category setups. Removed page header from deck captain version of printed program.
05-24-2003[v3.080] Made  modification to text mode editing of the dance list, level list, and age list for a dance category so that the mode can be used only to append items to the list.
05-19-2003[v3.079] Fixed rarely encountered bug in preliminary round scoring. Failed to determine recalls in the case of large number of recall  ties.
05-19-2003[v3.078] Fixed problem of inserting an unwanted blank text line before a locally reheated block of heats. Fixed bug of not saving competition code for dance entries created by a text file import.
05-16-2003[v3.077] Fixed bug (introduced in 3.076, due to addition of phonetic spelling feature) in renumber competitor and other global operations on person data.
05-08-2002[v3.076] Added feature to store the phonetic spelling of person's name for printing beneath the person's entries in the version of the program printed for the MC.
05-06-2003[v3.075] Fixed bugs in trophy report, heat numbering report. Added feature to show entry count for ballrooms as well as for heat in MC print.
04-02-2003[v3.074] Modified heat combination report so that heat into which another heat is to be moved can be selected directly from report view.
03-17-2003[v3.073] Fixed bug when more than two entrants are in rule 11 calculation.
03-06-2003[v3.072] Modified deck captain print to show number of couples on floor in heat header.
03-03-2003[v3.071] Fixed bug in handling very long session names.
03-01-2003[v3.070] Added option to show team numbers for team matches and formations.
02-13-2003[v3.069] Added error trap to prevent crash when text import records have incorrect format;
02-05-2003[v3.068] Fixed bug in nine- and ten-dance calculation.
02-05-2003[v3.067] Fixed bug in reading comments for person from database file.
01-30-2003[v3.066] Modified logic for making two diskette set for transferring COMPMNGR between computers. Put SetupV3, packed data file, and registration file on disk 1, COMPPACK.EXE on disk 2, since COMPPACK.EXE had gotten too large to share a diskette with anything else.
01-23-2003[v3.065] Added "bonus points" (extra cost option) for top teacher awards.
01-23-2003[v3.064] Modified "hidden text" (text in <..> brackets) to show in studio and person list views.
01-21-2003[v3.063] Added "permanent" option for comments. If this option is checked the comment will not be removed when the database is reset (deleting entries and purchases) to set up a new competition database from a previous one.
01-16-2003[v3.062] Fixed minor bug in deleting dance category referenced in combined event award.
12-20-2002[v3.061] Improved the EntryForms feature so you can send or post on a web site a single program setup file, which has the EntryForms program and data files packed into it. The setup program installs the required EntryForms files.
12-16-2002[v3.060] Added new feature, a separate computer program named EntryForms, which allows studios to enter their own dance entries and purchases and then to send the information to the competition organizer for import into COMPMNGR. EntryForms can be provided to the studios by web site download, email, or diskette. Added feature to allow setting the end time for breaks. Fixed problem occuring with men's numbers when partners are switched in dance entry.
11-21-2002[v3.059] Modified database file format to allow later addition of some new features, which will require more fields in some kinds of records.
10-30-2002[v3.058] Added features for emailing backup file and NDCA report file. Modified heat formating for case of multi-round competitions combined in heats so text with round number precedes each competition in heat. Modified points totals report to sort by persons's last names.
10-16-2002[v3.057] Made modification to fix problem of report window being hidden under main window on some computers.
10-13-2002[v3.056] Fixed bug in detection and repair of heat structure problems. Failed to detect/repair missing end-of-heat line when heat was last in competition.
10-09-2002[v3.055] Fixed bug which could reverse independent studio name (LastName, FirstName -> FirstName LastName) resulting in the studio being put in database twice. Fixed bug in saving change in session start time when made in on-screen program. Fixed scoresheet list "sort by number" mode to properly account for heats with letters (e.g. 70A). Modified block protect logic in printing program so schedule markers is attached to following heat and awards break is attached to previous heat.
Added error trap so user is forced to enter at least one dance for skating system type dance categories.
10-03-2002[v3.054] Fixed bug in accumulating top teacher points for coach of formation.
09-24-2002[v3.053] Added "Change" menu item in on-screen program to allow you to switch gentleman, lady, or coach in entry without going to entry form.
09-17-2002[v3.052] Fixed on-screen program men's numbering options so that changing one number relocates man in heat and so editing entry form does not change "temporary number" in program. Modified (1) balance due report format and (1) sequence of entry form listings in entry form lists for studios and teachers so a student's entry froms are grouped together.
08-16-2002[v3.051] Fixed data dependent bug in merge. Could cause removal of subsequent rounds.
08-14-2002[v3.050] Fixed (I hope) problem of function keys not working correctly.
08-11-2002[v3.049] Fixed minor problem in repairing user code 0 in linked list.
08-06-2002[v3.048] Modified heat results export so that elimination rounds are displayed correctly (e.g. SEMIFINAL, instead of  83)
07-29-2002[v3.047] Added option to reheat the one heat when moving another heat or competition into it. Modified logic so that when one heat is reheated, the heat number is retained without the user being prompted.
07-25-2002[v3.046] Cleaned up logic for changeing dance list from withing scrutineer's data entry box.
07-23-2002[v3.045] Fixed bug which could cause crash in initializing new database file.
07-22-2002[v3.044] Fixed bug which could cause crash in repairing duplicate names when name repeated more than once.
07-20-2002[v3.043] Fixed bug which could misarrange session headers in program when sessions are added in session setup dialog box.
06-29-2002[v3.042] Modified the logic for bookmarks so they stay attached to a line unless it is deleted.
06-28-2002[v3.042] Modified the logic for "maximum compression" heating. Added a report of person with largest number of entries in each dance category so you can see if one person with a lot of entries is preventing level/age combinations in heats.
06-25-2002[v3.041] Modified email invoice feature so it can automatically put invoices into your email program's outgoing mail.
06-23-2002[v3.04] Fixed bug in price list item setup. Wasn't holding number of room occupants and seat priorities.
06-09-2002[v3.04] Fixed bug that could cause crash in scoresheet integrity test if old scoresheets not deleted.
06-08-2002[v3.04] Added option "System default printer" to printer selection list. When option is selected, COMPMNGR uses the Windows system default printer.
06-07-2002[v3.04] Modified logic for repairing invalid user code in record.
06-05-2002[v3.04] Fixed bug in package cover report.
06-04-2002[v3.04] Fixed bug that could cause crash in eliminating dupilcate names.
05-30-2002[v3.04] Improvements in integrity test and repair for program heating structure.
05-27-2002[v3.04] Fixed bug in timed backup and in user log-on when multiple users are on network.
05-17-2002 Started Version 3.04

05-17-2002 Added feature to make backup text file for each scoresheet created and allow restoring lost scoresheets from backups.
05-15-2002 Fixed bug in editing dance, level, and age list. Bug caused repeating of every item in the list.
05-15-2002 Improved scoresheet and heat architecture test/repair.
05-14-2002 Updated test/repair heat architecture to test and repair mixed dance categories in heats (e.g. Standard with Latin).
05-13-2002 Add feature to attempt to repair heat architecture (e.g. missing or mislocated end-of-heat lines). Improved logic for running all tests and doing all
                    repairs at one time. Improved logic for scoresheet repair.
05-11-2002 Improvements to database test/repair features. Add logic to prompt user to run integrity tests at appropriate times.
05-08-2002 Started Version 3.03

05-08-2002 Switched to new date control. Made improvements in error trapping, testing, and repair logic. Added topics to help system.
05-04-2002 Fixed bug in restore from multi-diskette backup
05-04-2002 Started Version 3.02

04-28-2002 Fixed bug which could cause rooming list report to not display correctly.
04-22-2002 Fixed bug in selecting printers. Improved feature for switching a competition block of entries from one type to another and for merging one competition
                    so switched into another (e.g. switch and move the L-A2 Bronze I Waltz into the L-A1 Bronze II Waltz).
04-11-2002 Added two features. Can now reheat a block within a heat and entries will be rearranged according to men's number. Can renumber men after heating
                    program and heat entries will be rearranged according to men's number.
04-10-2002 Added some features, including a "typical reset", for resetting parameters to set up new competition.
04-05-2002 Fixed bug which could cause crash in top studio points accumulation.
03-25-2002 Fixed bug which prevented expanding dances in award category setup.
03-16-2002 Made improvement in function to repair database in event of record with invalid user code.
03-15-2002 Fixed two bugs. One could cause crash when deleting dance category. The other was that deleting all competition dance entries did not also delete
03-06-2002 Started Version 3.01
03-06-2002 Fixed three bugs. Entry form was not holding billing option on returning to old form. Judge panel dialog box was not holding panel name when
                    clicking on a judge ID to add to panel. On print program block for deck captain, judge panel line was not being expanded to show judge's
                    names as it was in version 2. Also modified File/Open dialog box to look for registration files with extension .RGC, which is used for emailing to
                   persons with Windows XP. If such a file is selected, it is copied to a .REG file.
03-05-2002 Fixed two data dependent bugs. One could cause crash when deleting entire heat. The other could cause crash in combined event award calculation.
                    Also lowered the access level for features required by scrutineers to 8.
03-04-2002 Added capability of splitting large backup files across several diskettes.
03-01-2002 Fixed bug in reheating showcase entries. Bug caused extra dancers to be deleted.
02-28-2002 Fixed bug causing crash when selecting "Edit" in people view, and bug in selecting "Same dances" in entry form when selected age/level was the first
                    (default selection) in list.
02-22-2002 Fixed bug in progress/wait box that could cause crash. Modified team match logic to accept team name instead of using studio name as team name.                       Added user error trapping for empty dance names.
02-20-2002 Fixed bug. Option to show all program text in upper case didn't work.
02-18-2002 Added comment view feature to show all comments in database
02-18-2002 Cleaned up logic for changing number of rounds so that ballroom headers are updated
02-11-2002 Added error trap to prevent deleting dance categories which are referenced in award categories
02-10-2002 Fixed bug in adding person in person list when in "View attending" mode. Fixed bug in calculating the durations of multi-round, multi panel heats.
                    Lowered user access level for invoicing to 8
02-10-2002 Added feature to sort studios by name or code.
02-08-2002 Added broadcast email feature.
02-02-2002 Fixed bug in meal, ticket, and room list reports when studio buys for unnamed students.
01-19-2002 Fixed bug in invoice. Third party billing of dances to studio did not show up in summary at top of studio invoice.
01-11-2002 Improved no-package increment logic. Modified meal and ticket report format.
01-11-2002 Fixed bug causing incorrect headers in meal report
01-03-2002 Tech. change: found a couple of places where device context was not released and fixed them.
12-20-2001 Added text file export feature for awards points, one file per category
12-15-2001 Added scrutineering feature allowing user to force COMPMNGR to ask for a round number event if the number of competition entrants is small          
                    enough for a straight final.
12-10-2001 Fixed another bug in logic to locate combinable heats
12-09-2001 Fixed bug in logic to locate combinable heats and improved report format
                    Modified quickheat "look up partner" logic to only locate partner in heat of same type
                    Modified logic for cut-off date for awards to set date to that of last session if date has not been set
12-06-2001 Fixed bug causing crash in "Balance due" report and possibly other financial reports. Cleaned up logic used in scratching entry directly in scrutineer's
11-24-2001 Fixed bug introduced in last fix; caused dance category names to be reset to text  "New category".
11-21-2001 Fixed bug allowing moving an entry from with a heat to a point outside the heat without creating a new heat. Also made it easier to rearrange entries
                    within a heat by bypassing error tests relating only to moving entries between heats.

The following is a chronology of COMPMNGR developments in version 2.

Current version is 2.07
03-14-2001 Fixed scrutineering box problem of buttons at bottom keeping focus instead of
           returning it to data entry cells (e.g. F3 to cycle dances didn't put cursor
           in top/left cell)
02-03-2001 Started Version 2.07
02-11-2001 Complete rewrite of text file import/export logic. (See help topic)
01-29-2001 Fixed bug in importing pricelist item. Name of item not saved.
01-29-2001 Modified text import/export feature so that sex field of person data record is
           lower case if person is a youth
01-25-2001 Added feature to export a part of the COMPMNGR setup data for use by web site
           designers developing software for on-line registration
12-18-2000 Modified scrutineer's box to work under Windows NT and 2000
12-06-2000 Fixed bonus points feature to correctly sort by number of points
11-10-2000 Added feature to export email addresss for import into email program address book
11-10-2000 Added option to divide youth award points by half
11-07-2000 Added feature to award bonus points in accumulation of points over several
           competitions. Bonus points are based on attendance at competitions for which
           points are being accumulated.
10-10-2000 Fixed the fix made on 10/07/00 based on information from John Adams.
10-07-2000 Fixed problem when in Rule 11 calculation no entrant exceeds majority.
           Used to abort calculation. Now gives ties to all entrants in calculation.
09-12-2000 Added feature to sort accumulated points report by name to aid in
           determining if duplicate names were processed
09-09-2000 Added feature to print entrants in repechage round
09-09-2000 Fixed user interface bug for repechage round. When repechage round
           scrutineering was selected then canceled, was not canceled correctly
08-22-2000 Started Version 2.06
08-20-2000 Added option to delete person's membership number when updating from text file if
           person is not in file. Thus if person has NDCA number in old COMPMNGR database but
           does not appear in new NDCA roster, number is removed from COMPMNGR database
08-20-2000 Added sort by date option to cashflow view and reports
08-20-2000 Fixed bug. In scrutineer's box, using tab key to go from cell to cell
           bypassed test for incorrect number
08-20-2000 Fixed bug schedule report after adding new schedule marker. Marker time incorrect.
08-20-2000 Added error trap for non-numeric characters when entering competitor numbers while
           on scrutineer's box.
07-08-2000 Modified date range feature for start and end dates
05-26-2000 Modified file name format for email invoices to "Invoice_studioname.txt"
05-20-2000 Added report options and added total for payments received reports
05-09-2000 Fixed bug in format of rooming list. Day column duplicated under
           some circumstances
04-24-2000 Cleaned up logic for rounding awards breaks when recalculating heat
03-28-2000 Added record payment/print check to scrutineer menu
03-28-2000 Added option to award entry point for scratched entry
03-28-2000 Fixed bug in printing results for MC. Showed 2nd place in solo as 1st
           place when printed.
03-15-2000 Added Ctrl-2 to allow scrutineer's quick entry for an uncontested
           second place
03-11-2000 Started Version 2.05
03-11-2000 Lowered access privilege for awards category setup from 9 to 8 so 
           scrutineer with level 8 can edit awards setup. Also lowered level
           required for restore from diskette to 5, so low level scrutineer
           can do restore.
03-11-2000 Fixed bug in nine and ten dance scoring. Problem occurred when couple
           in preliminary round received no recall marks
03-08-2000 Added feature to allow user to specify rounding for awards breaks
02-27-2000 Fixed/modified format for MC/deck captain print mode for multiple
           round heats
02-23-2000 Modified recalculate times in on-screen program menu to provide option
           to redo awards break durations or leave them unmodified
02-23-2000 Fixed bug in scrutineering box. Was only testing for duplicate number
           in visable area of box, not in hidden portion of box for large heat
02-23-2000 Fixed bug sometimes causing crash when judge assignment line included in
           dexk captain print
02-03-2000 Fixed bug in selecting studios for mail list based on past attendance
01-27-2000 Added feature to save invoices for selected studios in text files for
           emailing to the studios
01-17-2000 Added feature to clear studio codes previously assigned by user
01-17-2000 Modified invoice print to show hidden text (e.g. user assigned dance
           level codes like <201> for Bronze I)
01-07-2000 Improved operation of horizontal scroll bar in on-screen program
01-07-2000 Added option to show only total over all competitions in report on
           points accumulated over several competitions
12-21-1999 Started Version 2.04
12-21-1999 Modified logic for calculating time duration for awards
12-19-1999 Improve tests for duplicate name and number when entering new dancer
12-18-1999 Added "problem report" in on-screen program to combine six other reports
12-14-1999 Fixed bug in judge panel box. Caused crash when some panels were deleted,
           then new one selected.
12-11-1999 Modified MC/Deck captain print to include round number, etc.
12-10-1999 Fixed bug in printing solo results for MC
12-09-1999 Add feature to insert/remove blank lines between competitions within heat
12-09-1999 Add feature to print judge panel changes in MC/Deck captain print
12-09-1999 Add feature to remember last twenty or so search phrases
12-08-1999 Added some error traps to trap some types of corrupted data
12-07-1999 Major revisions in help system "Frequently asked questions" section
12-04-1999 Added feature to scrutineer's box for preliminary round to allow addition
           of men's numbers to the allowed number list. An Add button was provided to
           pop up a quickheat box to add the heat entries and numbers.
12-03-1999 Modified feature to print results for MC to handle three way ties so that
           placements like 1,3,3,3,5,6 are reported as 1,2,2,2,5,6
11-30-1999 Fixed bug introduced about 11-28-1999. Error trap on at least one dance
           being selected in entry form trapped unique name dances (e.g. showcase)
11-30-1999 Added features for correcting scrutineering errors, such as completing
           scoresheet for a quarterfinal when it is really round one of four
11-29-1999 Added studio size to export/import studio data text file
11-28-1999 Fixed deck captain print underline feature to account for multiple rounds
11-28-1999 Started Version 2.03
11-28-1999 Added a number of minor error traps. For example, when you switch partners
           in a heat entry, COMPMNGR now tests to see if the new partner is already
           in the heat.
11-20-1999 Added default judge panels (Ballroom A, etc.) to list of panels which
           can be edited in judge panel dialog box
11-19-1999 Added a report on duplicate competitions (e.g. L-A1 Bronze II
           American Waltz split betwen heats 12 and 20)
11-18-1999 Added to options tp "Previous placements found" box when scrutineer
           goes to mark a heat
11-17-1999 Fixed bug in heatlist person selection box, which did not always
           show all people
11-14-1999 In report on duplicate entries, offer option to remove them
11-14-1999 When a quickheat contains a competition which already exists in another heat,
           offer options to put in other heat, add new heat, or abort
11-13-1999 Fixed bug in warning when a quickheat contains a competition which already
           exists in another heat. Warning occurred on some new entries even when
           there was no problem
11-11-1999 Added warning when a quickheat contains a competition which already
           exists in another heat
11-02-1999 Added options to select program listing format (studio, city, etc.) for
           amateur and professional entries independent of pro/am entries
11-01-1999 Fixed bugs in some reports, which counted entries which had been scratched
10-28-1999 Fixed bug in integrity test. Reported missing name error when organizer
           payment was not to person or studio in database.
10-25-1999 Modified report view to show name of report text file, if any, at top
           of window and to show window icon "R" (for report)
10-25-1999 Started Version 2.02
10-25-1999 Fixed bug occurring when teacher scratches lady then adds new lady in
           same heat. Placement given to new lady also given to scratched lady
10-14-1999 Added feature to allow amateurs compete against professionals, women to
           dance with women, and other screwy combinations
10-13-1999 Added option to show only professionals in list of people for selecting
           heat lists
10-13-1999 Added feature to test entries and deletions to see if the number of rounds
           required is changed and to report it if so
10-13-1999 Fixed bug introduced in new duplicate entry option, which reported
           duplicate entry even when there wasn't one
10-12-1999 Add option so that, if duplicate entry is found when an entry form is
           completed, you can elect to put duplicate entry in heat, make a separate
           heat, or abort the entry
10-11-1999 Modify how new heats are handled after you have finalized your printed
           program. If you have elected to put new heats at front of program, COMPMNGR
           alerts you that it has done so. If not (new heats are inserted in body of
           program) COMPMNGR assigns a "relative" heat number (e.g. if inserted after
           heat 12, the relative heat number is 12A).
10-10-1999 Add feature to create backup diskette for NDCA with non-dance purchase
           and payment data removed from database.
10-09-1999 Modify format for MC/Deck captain printout so that scratched entries are
           shown with both an X and a strikeout bar. (Previously they were not shown
           at all.
10-07-1999 Modified password box so that first time users are taken directly to the
           help system "Getting started" topic.
10-07-1999 Reduced font size in scrutineer's box for showdance so that marks such
           as 5.6/5.8 fit in the data entry cells
10-06-1999 Started Version 2.01
10-06-1999 John Adams found a deeply buried bug in the scrutineering. Under rare
           circumstances (like when something changed in a heat AFTER placements
           were stored and you try to recall them for editing) the Abort, Retry,
           Ignore box popped up and, if you selected Ignore, the dances in a multi-
           dance were duplicated (e.g. (W/T) became (W/T/W/T). When I repaired that
           bug, I did some other cleanup having to do with recalling prevous data.
10-05-1999 Added feature to handle repechage rounds, in which couples eliminated in
           the first round of a competition are recalled into a special heat, from
           which a specified number are recalled into the next round
10-03-1999 Added report (Reports/Purchase data/Total sales) showing list of studios
           sorted by dollar volume of sales
10-01-1999 Fixed bug causing some data (youth flag check, etc.) in person data box
           to disappear when studio details box is clicked to enter studio data
09-30-1999 Fixed problem occurring when person purchases more than one package and one
           of the packages does not qualify for discounted dance prices
09-29-1999 Modified table assignment to improve performance when there are reserved
           seats with different priorities and fixed bug occurring when user defined
           items were purchased (and were counted in the seating requirement)
09-29-1999 Added feature to globally change from men vs. women competition to unisex
           and back
09-24-1999 Fixed printing bug which sometimes occurred when a blank line was first
           line on page
09-24-1999 Added menu items in cash flow view to delete reference to studio or person
           for purchase and payment
09-24-1999 Fixed bug in duplicate entry report in invoice, which reported duplicate
           entry when an amateur entered same dance with teacher and amateur partner
09-23-1999 Add alphabetic sort option for men's number report and add "deviant" number
           list to report (where man is given unique number for one heat only)
09-23-1999 Add Cash, Check, Credit buttons to payment box to record method of
           payment and reports listing payment types to cash flow view
09-22-1999 Modified "switch type" feature to switch competitions from non-scholarship
           to scholarship and back
09-22-1999 Modified seat assignment feature to always match studio seating priority
           to table priority
09-22-1999 Modified mail list to switch independent studio name from "Last, First"
           format to "First Last" format
09-21-1999 Added show dance scoring method, with artistic/technical marks
09-11-1999 Fixed bug - scrutineer's scratch did not always merge into registrar's
09-05-1999 Started Version 2.0
09-05-1999 Major modifications in program stucture for merge logic to eliminate bugs
           and add a new merge report feature. Other minor bug fixes for problems when
           switching partner in entry forms.
08-25-1999 Fixed scrutineering calculation bug occuring when some judge's marks are
           left blank in the scrutineering data entry grid
08-18-1999 If text is not found when searching in program, offer to restart at
           beginning of program
08-18-1999 Add option to mark entire session when marking session header line
08-18-1999 Added refund/organizer payment button to studio and person data entry
           dialog boxes and showed such payments in invoices and organizer summary
08-16-1999 Added option to allow user to specify default (on or off) for
           initial setting of no package increment for new dance entry forms
08-15-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.17
08-15-1999 Modify backup system to allow up to 11 packed backup files and 11 unpacked
           backup files (user selectable number) for use in undoing operations
08-15-1999 Add more user error trapping features
08-12-1999 Improve format for program preface printed from within COMPMNGR
08-11-1999 Add attendance flag option to studio and person text file export/import
08-09-1999 Modified heating logic to insure sequencing of competitions within heat
           is as specified in the dance category setup, even if expanded and
           rearranged in sequencing screen
08-07-1999 Fixed bug in blank scoresheet for uncontested entry
08-04-1999 Added option to adjust calculation of awards durations
           Fixed bugs in studio and person data boxes occuring when name already in 
           databases is entered again
08-03-1999 Added feature to indicate duplicate entries in invoice list of dances,
           similar to old DOS COMPMNGR feature
08-01-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.16
07-31-1999 Improved scrutineering logic related to recalling previous placements
           for printing scoresheets, results for MC, etc. The object was to make
           the logic more stable when certain classes of error occur, namely
           errors such that the data in the recalled placement records don't
           exactly match the data in the program. For example:
           (1) a entry deleted from a heat after placements are made
           (2) a entry added to a heat after placements are made
           (3) a man's number changed in a heat after placements are made
           In some cases these errors would crash the program when attempting to
           print blocks of scoresheets or results for the MC.
07-14-1999 Fixed bug in making separate heat when writing into heat causes
           duplicate entry (new heat was inserted within old one)
07-14-1999 Added several error traps for changes made to heats after they have
           been marked
07-05-1999 Fixed bug (deleting solo name) in reheating unique name solos
07-01-1999 Added feature in attempt to automatically install scrutineer's font
           if it is not already loaded
07-01-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.15
07-01-1999 Added feature to do nine and ten dance calculations based on combining
           single dances or four- and five-dances
06-23-1999 Added feature to automatically assign numbers or letters to the judges
           in the list of judges
06-23-1999 Changed sorting order to put amateur couples last instead of first
           when combined in heat with pro/am ladies and gentlemen
06-18-1999 Fixed bug in Ctrl-S to save to disk while in scrutineering box
06-15-1999 Added option to select previously defined judge panel in box to
           insert judge panel change line in program
06-08-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.14
06-08-1999 Add total time per judge to judge assignment report
06-07-1999 Add re-heat option to switch from normal and scholarship if number
           of ladies or gentlemen is less than threshold
06-06-1999 Modified program print format to put only one blank line between heats
           instead of two balnk lines
06-06-1999 Modified option to not show subsequent rounds in program
06-05-1999 Added feature to switch marked group of heat entries between men not vs.
           women and men vs. women cometition types
06-04-1999 Fixed some minor bugs in scoring for team matches and formations
06-01-1999 Fixed bug introduced in first version of build 1.13. When adding to
           list of judges the wrong data entry box popped up so could nor enter judge
06-01-1999 Added feature to interface to software for managing judges' handheld
           computers used for placement entry
05-29-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.13
05-29-1999 Added "Judge panel change" line type to on screen program to inform
           MC when to change to what panel. Also used in generating judge's
           schedule report and to tell scrutineering system what panel to use
05-29-1999 Added judge list box to judge panel specification so judges can be
           entered in a panel by clicking on names as well as by typing in letters
05-29-1999 Altered print results for heats located by specifying text (e.g.
           Professional) so placements are given 1 to 6, not 6 to 1
05-29-1999 Changed access level for all backups to 5 and all restores to 8
05-25-1999 Added fix for corrupted tab data to restore default values
05-15-1999 Fixed bug in recalling scoresheet for men vs. women type scholarship
04-28-1999 Added option to delay for a specified number of seconds after printing
           a page, primarily as a diagnostic tool for use in case of printing problems
04-26-1999 Added option to pause after printing page, primarily as a dignostic
           tool for use in case of printing problems
04-21-1999 Fixed studio package cover logic to show data even if purchases are
04-13-1999 Added summary heat list feature to compress a list of all people's
           heats into a few pages to post or put in program Appendix
04-06-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.12
04-11-1999 Fix bug and improve repair feature in integrity test
04-11-1999 Fix bug in transfer/copy block of entries to different dance
04-10-1999 Added feature to balance competitors between ballrooms in marked
           block of heats
04-08-1999 Add file management questions to expert user test
04-06-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.11
04-07-1999 Added help topic "Test questions for expert user" for use in evaluating
           COMPMNGR skills
04-06-1999 Add user error trap. On adding entry, test to see if event has already been
04-06-1999 On switching partner in entry form, test for duplicate entry,
           change in man's number
04-06-1999 Fixed bug in carrying over couple's level and age from one entry
           form to entry form with different ages and levels
03-26-1999 Added "Find last placed entry" in Find menu of on-screen program to
           help locate block to search for missing scoresheets.
03-23-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.10
03-23-1999 Completed first version of "Frequently asked questions, special problems"
           topic in Help system
03-22-1999 Modify restore logic to make more robust, easier to diagnose drive problems
03-19-1999 On global number change for one man, put in test so that number is not
           changed in heats where he already has placement since that screws up
           recalling the results for printing scoresheets
03-19-1999 Added "Are you sure?" before deleting block of placements
03-18-1999 Change the maximum number of entries in the demonstration program and in
           the expired registration file test to 750.
03-14-1999 Add "Find dance" in Find menu of on-screen program
03-14-1999 Added formatting options for invoice header to allow more control
           over location on the page (see Setup/Other format parameters/Invoice)
03-07-1999 Fixed bug in printing program directly from COMPMNGR. Could not
           disable heat time display.
03-06-1999 Fixed bug in editing password list. On exit from edit box, got
           duplicate name error message
03-06-1999 Added sort by Zip code option to mail list
03-05-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.09
03-05-1999 Fixed bug in printing very large scoresheets
02-27-1999 Fixed bug in Rule 11 calculation
02-26-1999 Fixed bug in heat lists. Logic did not check for X (scratch) in
           program listing.
02-26-1999 Modified format of entry form view, now shows entry type at left of
           listing (e.g. APA for Adult pro/am)
02-26-1999 Fixed bug in number of characters in accumulation code for awards.
           Maximum number of characters is seven, but program on-line help
           indicated eight, and program allowed user to specify eight.
02-26-1999 Provided more control over judge's marking sheet format. Separate
           formats for header, text, and columns of numbers
02-26-1999 Add test logic in integrity test. If matching entryform and program
           line codes are found, logic now tests for matching people and studio
           codes. If repair option selected, mismatched program line codes are
           replace by entry form codes.
02-24-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.08
02-24-1999 On scoring subsequent rounds, use judge panels from previous round
02-23-1999 Give the scrutineer the ability to label different judging panels
           with a title such as "Professional Standard"
02-23-1999 Fix bug in handling unknown dance abbreviation, for example the
           Z in (W/T/VW/Z/QS)
02-16-1999 Add print options to the organizer's financial data screen
           and comments view screen
02-16-1999 Add option to reverse names in awards reports, with
           LastName, FirstName being default and FirstName LastName
           being the reverse option
02-15-1999 Fix bug in specifying twp decimal places in dance category
           duration box
02-13-1999 Fix bug in carrying over coach to next entry form using
           "Same couple", "Samce dances options
02-07-1999 Added Transfer option in marked block menu in on-screen program.
           This allows moving or copying a block of entries to a different
02-01-1999 Modified print logic to improve fit of scoresheets, invoices, etc
           on page
02-01-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.07
Modified points accumulation over several competitions so that accumulation
  can include award categories found in points files but not present in
  current competition
Add text import feature for package/purchase data to allow importing
  data from Web site
More help on setting up new competition
On reset start date, change cut-off date for entries contributing to points
  for awards
Add men's numbering option to provide separate numbering for youth
01-24-1999 Started Rel1.2, Build 1.06
Added feature to test new entry form for duplicate entries with previous entry
	form before saving new form
Added sorting methods (chronologically, by person name) to list of entry
      forms. Sorting chronologically allows much faster sort.
Fixed bug in scoring uncontested multidance when number of seconds is about
	same as number of firsts
Fixed bug in merging data when two computers have assigned the same man's number to
	different people (could cause duplicate internal code number)
Improved logic for repairing problems found during integrity test when there
	are entry form entries without corresponding program entries
Added feature to import text file containing dance entries to allow importing
      data from Web site
Cleanup in table assign, add sort by studio option, are you sure
12-27-1998 Compiled Rel1.2, Build 1.05
Improve reliability by removing record variables from global storage
 (technical stuff)
On timed save to disk, do save only if something has changed since last save
Add "Go to line number" in on-screen program "Find" menu
Show progress bar on text search search and allow cancelation
Add "Lookup names" button to quickheat box, so COMPMNGR tries to match entered
  numbers with man and lady names
Allow access to scrutineer's box even if during recall of a previous scoresheet the 
  data (e.g. men's numbers) do not match the data currently in competition
Put error notice in place of scoresheet  when printing blocks of scoresheets
  and a score sheet is found which doesn't match its competition (e.g. the entrants
  were changed after  the scoresheet was saved)
Fix problem of highlight bar going off-screen and paging past end of program in on-screen program
Added "Page layout" menu item to "Setup menu" to pop up box for specifying
  paper size and top, left, and bottom margins for the program, invoices,
  form letters, and reports
Added program format option to turn block protect off, so heats will be split between pages if they
  don't fit entirely at the bottom of a page
Added options to insert and remove horizontal lines between heats
Added feature to show effect of tab setting changes in Font/format box on column alignment
  in on-screen program, invoices, etc. As you use the spin controls (the little arrows) to adjust the tabs
  you will see the columns move in the screen behind the Font/format box
12-05-1998 Compiled Rel1.2, Build 1.04
Add Quickheat
Add sort by heat option in scoresheet list for scrutineers
Modify print recalls for MC to print only recalled entrants for
 competitions which have been marked
11-20-1998 Compiled Rel1.2, Build 1.03
Improve "unique text" feature in on-screen program
Add program line cache to increase program scrolling speed
Fix bug in printing large heats and page numbers
Make schedule of events markers individually selectable for printing
Fix bug in transfering solo placement to on-screen program
Improve heat list format
11-07-1998 Compiled Rel1.2, Build 1.02
Improve merge logic
Limit MRU list length
Show only city, state for pros
Put deleted program entry lines in deleted entryform array
Carry over level, age on selecting same couple
Initialize UniqueDanceProgamLine code = -1 (wasn't being initialized)
10-29-1998 Compiled Rel1.2, Build 1.01
Add capability of printing fully formmated program from COMPMNGR without
  going through word processor program
Check for duplicate on exiting entry form
Fix bug, double click on studio on entry form added partial name in database
Fix bug screwing up print of large block of scoresheets
Add print button to list of judges box
Number of copies in scoresheet print defaults to 2
10-14-1998 Compiled Rel1.1, Build 1.11

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