For technical support under software license agreements contact Richard Douglass at:
Phone 512-454-8321
Text: 512-914-9394

There are a number of people who occasionally provide COMPMNGR technical support and services on a fee-for-service basis. They have requested to be listed here and are neither associated with nor endorsed by Douglass Associates. Their names and contact information are given in the table below along with their qualifications in three COMPMNGR related areas:
(1) general use such as required to set up competitions, enter data, and act as registrar at competitions,
(2) NDCA certified scrutineers with knowledge of COMPMNGR's scrutineering system, and
(3) computer networking as required for file sharing between registrar and scrutineer(s) computers and for the PDA based systems: the judges handheld marking devices and the remote program viewing devices.

Name Phone/FAX Email General use,
NDCA certified
Networking technician,
Judges' marking devices
John Adams 305-232-1977,
FAX 305-232-1579 Yes Yes  
Amanda Ashcraft 612-281-4659 Yes Yes  
Brenda Burger 740-969-2431,
FAX 740-969-4457 Yes    
Dawn Diana 860-296-7147/860-296-2098 Yes    
Len Diana 860-296-7147/860-296-2098 Yes Yes  
Daniel Dilley Yes Yes Yes
David Don 917-763-5441/772-468-2900 Yes Yes Yes
Max Greenhouse 404-803-4478 Yes    
Guylaine Guimond 514-917-4895/888-332-6932 Yes Yes  
Ava Kaye 415-641-9265 Yes Yes  
Linda Joy 727-403-9593,
864-269-8593 Yes Yes  
Joy Hillary 954-757-5101,
FAX 954-757-5103 Yes    
Catherine Jaspersohn 781-883-6843 Yes Yes  
Gary Jaspersohn 781-769-3847   Yes  
Bonnie MacKenzie 561- 451-9113,
561- 901-9834 Yes Yes  
Jackie Miller 410-581-1148 Yes    
Michel Milmore 514-748-0628, Canada Yes    
Emma Oswald 863-682-6807,
FAX 863-668-9122 Yes Yes  
Vasily Pshenichnikov +7 915 187 1887, Russia     Provides PDA based marking device system
Mark Sequerth 512-989-2001,
FAX 415-651-9653 Yes Yes Yes
Andrew Sniegocki 905-327-0828 Canada Yes Yes (NDCC)  
Ily Zislin Yes   Yes

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