COMPMNGR's on-line registration requires purchasing two optional features having to do with Internet web sites. Each of the two options costs $100, so the total fee for on-line registration is $200 in addition to the normal registration fee. One option is the web page and web site creation feature. The other is the on-line registration feature itself.

On-line registration requires that three files be stored on an Internet server computer. Two of the files, the main web page (the 'Sign-in' page that your attendees first see when they go to register on-line) and a database containing information about your competition's dance categories, packages, etc., are created by COMPMNGR. The third file, a so called CGI script, is provided in the COMPMNGR suite of programs. COMPMNGR provides a file transfer feature to send the files to your server. However, getting a CGI script to work on your web hosting services server computer can be tricky and time consuming, so Douglass Associates provides a server on which the CGI script is already set up correctly. You can post the COMPMNGR created web page file and database file on the Douglass Associates server, provide a link to the web page from your main competition web site, and have on-line registration working in a few minutes. There is no additional fee for using the Douglass Associates server.

When a studio or attendee uses your on-line registration, the entry and purchase information is stored on a file on the server computer. COMPMNGR provides tools for downloading and importing the data files. The studio can re-visit the web site, sign-in under a password created on the first visit, and revise dance entries,  purchases, and other information. When you download the revised data (there are COMPMNGR features to help you determine when data have changed) COMPMNGR will make the required changes in its database without disturbing the unchanged portion of the information.

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