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Instructions for download and setup

If you are a novice at downloading files or using COMPMNGR, you should print and study these instructions. To acquire the COMPMNGR program and its associated files, you download and run a setup program file named SetupCompmngrV3.exe and run it. This file is not the same as the COMPMNGR program, but rather has the program and associated files packed into it. A list of the included files is given below. When you run the downloaded setup file, it unpacks the files and does the complete installation for you in one step.

To start the download process you click on the text "Download SetupCompmngrV3 now" following these instructions. What happens next depends on what Internet browser you are using, e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox. It is up to you to know how to use your browser to download and execute a file, vendor only provides  technical support for COMPMNGR, not for any other software. Your browser may offer you the options of running the installation program or downloading and saving it to your hard disk. You may do either. If you elect to run the installation program your security software (Norton or whatever) will probably ask you to confirm that you really want to do that since it doesn't know whether the installation program is "friendly" or not. If you elect to download and save the installation program you will have to specify the folder in which you want to save it, which is tricky for some people. For most people it is probably easier to run the installation program rather than downloading and saving it, since it doesn't require them to specify the folder. But if you do elect to download and save the installation file you can specify any folder as long as you remember in what folder you saved it so you can find it to run it. If you save it in the Desktop folder you don't even have to remember that, since a desktop shortcut icon will be created for you, but you will have make sure you don't confuse the icon for the installation program with the icon for the COMPMNGR program. If you are currently using COMPMNGR version 3.203 or later you can download and run SetupCompmngrV3 directly from within COMPMNGR by clicking on main menu 'File' then on 'Download latest version of COMPMNGR from'.

However you run the setup program, it will cause a very simple dialog box to pop up to allow you to enter the location (the disk drive and folder) where you want to store the COMPMNGR program and its associated files. A default location is provided (c:\cmpmgr), and you should use it unless you have a compelling reason not to. Using the default location makes it easier for vendor to provide technical support. So all you really need to do is click on the OK/Save button, but first make sure that your current version of COMPMNGR (if any) is not running or the new version will not be installed. After you click OK/Save you will see another box displaying the COMPMNGR license agreement and you will have to click the 'Accept' button in order to continue. The setup program does four things: it creates the folder (if it doesn't already exist), it unpacks the packed files and shows you a list of the file names, it puts all the files in the folder, and it offers to create a desktop shortcut icon for the COMPMNGR program.

You can run the COMPMNGR program by double clicking on its desktop shortcut icon or using any other means of locating and opening the COMPMNGR.EXE program file. The first time you run the program, you should go to the main menu item 'File', then 'Open', and select a file to open. Unless you have used the program before, the only file available to open will be the demonstration database (named DEMODATA); the password for the demonstration database is RED. Then you should go to the main menu item Help and read about using the program.

COMPMNGR must be configured (set up) for your competition before you begin to enter your dance entry and purchase data. Instructions for doing this can be found in the COMPMNGR help system under the index heading "Set up a new competition", but before you do anything you should read the help system topic "Getting started" and its links to several other important topics. As a general rule, a COMPMNGR setup should never be done "from scratch". You should always use either the database from your previous competition or the sample database (named DEMODATA) included with the download as a starting point, then follow the help system instructions for opening that database, making a copy under a new name, switching to (opening) the new database you created by the COMPMNGR copy process, deleting the previous dance entries and purchases from the copied database, and modifying the database setup as required. Don't make the mistake of putting entries for an upcoming competition into the database for a previous competition or into DEMODATA. Do use DEMODATA as a guide for how to configure your database setup.

If you have troubles getting COMPMNGR up and running click on troubleshooting COMPMNGR.

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Files included in SetupCompmngrV3.exe setup program

Essential files:
compmngr.exe - the COMPMNGR program file

CompMngr.chm - COMPMNGR help file
DEMODATA.dbc - sample database main data file (see above)
DEMODATA.rgc - sample database registration file
LINEDRAW.TTF - font file use by COMPMNGR
setupv3.exe - program used by COMPMNGR to copy itself and its database to another computer

Other files and programs:
BarcodeScanner.exe - bar code scanner program,
EntryForms.exe - See remote data entry page
EntryForms.hlp - help file for EntryForms
SetupEntryformsHeader.exe - setup program for EntryForms - CGI script required for online registration
HandheldMarker.exe - judges' marking device program for Windows CE based PDAs - help files for HandheldMarker - CGI script for Handheld Marker
ProgramViewCE.exe - see overview for remote competition program viewing - CGI script for browser based judges handheld marker - CGI script to support scoresheet viewer web page
ScrutineerTest.dbc - scrutineer training database
ScrutineerTest.rgc - registration file for scrutineer training database
ServerSpec.exe - program for encrypting server access parameters for import into COMPMNGR so that they are not accessible to COMPMNGR user
SetupProgramView.exe - setup program for ProgramView program, see overview for remote competition program viewing
SetupRoomsAndTickets.exe - Setup program for RoomsAndTickets program, no longer supported