COMPMNGR Scrutineering Test

COMPMNGR has a feature which was originally added to aid in debugging and testing the scrutineering logic but may also be useful in training new scrutineers. The feature is called "verbose mode". When the scrutineer has entered all the judges' marks into the scrutineer's data entry dialog box he/she can press the F4 key to view the standard skating system grid summarizing the results of the skating system calculation. If he/she presses Ctrl-F4 COMPMNGR goes into verbose mode, which adds text comments explaining how the skating system rules were applied to obtain the results shown in the grid. In the case of a combined event calculation, in which the results of several competitions (e.g. a Standard 5-dance and a Latin 5-dance) are combined to obtain an overall result, the combined event menu dialog box has a button labeled "Show verbose" which causes COMPMNGR to add explanatory information for the selected combined event.

Also, to aid  in debugging the scrutineering logic, a special COMPMNGR database has been developed to test the logic using example cases from standard references and from interested scrutineers. The name of the database is ScrutineerTest (files ScrutineerTest.dbc and ScrutineerTest.rgc). The password for the database is RED. Judges' marks have already been entered in the examples, so all the user has to do is go to verbose mode and see how COMPMNGR handled the example. The database is included in the COMPMNGR installation program that you can download from this web site.

The ScrutineerTest database will be updated as scrutineers contribute "tricky" examples. Contributions and comments are solicited. And if you think COMPMNGR is doing a calculation incorrectly please contact us.