AccessDance Basic Web Hosting Service

Douglass Associates has worked with AlphaShop Network Services, owner of The AccessDance Network, to provide you with a modestly priced web site hosting service which is fully compatible with COMPMNGR's web site creation features. The price is only $125.00/year, plus a one-time setup fee which depends on which of two domain name options you select. The $25.00 setup fee option gives you a domain name incorporating "accessdance", for example "". The $50.00 setup fee option gives you a standard WWW address, for example "", which may require an additional annual fee (usually less than $10.00/year) for registering the address.

This new service is "basic" in that AccessDance provides neither support in developing your web site pages nor any advertising on (in their premium service they provide both). In the basic service you develop your web site pages using COMPMNGR's web page creation features. Any technical questions related to your website must be directed to Douglass Associates. Once your web site has been developed you upload it to the AccessDance host computer by following the steps given below.

For more information contact AlphaShop customer service call, toll-free, 866-411-3262. When you sign up for this service you will receive a user name and password from AlphaShop.

Uploading your COMPMNGR created web site pages to the AccessDance host

There are eight steps in uploading your pages to the AccessDance host computer.

(1) Use COMPMNGR both to build your web pages and to ZIP (compress) them into one file. There are two things you should note in doing this. First, the name of the main file (specified in COMPMNGR's web site builder) must be index.htm. Second, you must know the name and location of the ZIP file so that you can navigate to it (see step 7 below). COMPMNGR tells you this when it creates the ZIP file, so you should make a note of the complete path and name..

(2) Use your internet browser to go to the AccessDance web site at

(3) Type your user name and password (assigned by AccessDance when you sign up for their service) into the spaces provided at the left of the AccessDance main page then click the 'Enter' button. This takes you to the 'Business Services' page, which contains a tabbed dialog box.

(4) Click on the 'Competitions' tab to go to the administration main page.

(5) In the administration main page click on 'COMPMNGR HTML upload area' to pop up a box showing the list of files selected for uploading. The list will initially be empty.

(6) Click the 'Select files' button beneath the selected file list. This will cause a file selection dialog box to pop up.

(7) In the file selection dialog box navigate your way to the ZIP file referenced in (1) above and select it by clicking the 'Open' button. This will cause the file name to appear in the list of selected files. The ZIP file name is the only name that should appear.

(8) Click the 'Upload' button to initiate the upload process, which may take several minutes. When the process is complete a box will pop up telling you that the file has been uploaded and unzipped.

If one of your web site pages changes, or if you add or delete a page, you rebuild, rezip, and upload the complete set of web pages.